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Nordic Choice Hotels has been a signature UNICEF partner since 2008

1.5 million children become victims of human trafficking each year. The sale of children is one of the worst kinds of abuse. 

The causes of human trafficking are many and complex, but common to all cases are the cynical criminals who are responsible, and who profit from ruining the childhoods of children and young people.

In Cambodia, many people live in extreme poverty, and among these individuals, children are the most vulnerable. They are at risk of being abducted and sold as house slaves and beggars, or being forced into prostitution.

Through UNICEF, we will help child victims of human trafficking. We finance several centres in Cambodia, which give children a safe bed to sleep in, care and access to schooling. And not least, help them to return to their family or other caregivers.

Your sweet dreams make children dream sweet.

Together, we give children a safe night's sleep

Our aim is to give 100,000 children a safe night's sleep each year. Together, we can achieve this goal. When you stay with us, you help to ensure that even more children can be helped.

Sweet Dreams Bracelets

Our WeCare bracelets are made by women in Cambodia. The bracelets provide the women with an income and the opportunity to care for their children. The bracelets are created from recycled paper, which is rolled into small beads. You can purchase Sweet Dreams bracelets at all our hotels.

Sweet Dreams

Social and Environmental responsibility

In Nordic Choice we aim high with lots of engagement. We don't measure success merely in money, but also in environmental impact and social responsibility.

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